Private Handgun Range Training - (Basic Pistol)


Anyone who is prohibited by law from possessing firearms or who has been convicted of a felonious crime of violence is ineligible for training.  (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Federal Form 4473 lists the prohibitions.)

This course is designed to provide one-on-one range time that will ensure you are confident, comfortable, and safe when shooting handguns. The class is available to individuals or small groups.  This is a hands-on shooting class that is taught at the range. 

You will learn range rules and safety, and shoot a variety of firearms.  If you desire, we will assist you with the selection of your own personal firearms.


Principles that will be taught in Basic Pistol include:

Gun Safety

Proper handgrip

Proper shooting stance

How to correctly use gun sites

Live shooting

Advanced shooting techniques

Gun cleaning and maintenance


Course Length:  2 - 2-½ hours  


Eye and ear protection are required. We will provide firearms, but you may bring your own gun(s) and learn all about them in this class.  


$75.00  (minimum class size 2) - Range fee and ammunition for provided gun is included in the registration fee.

$95.00 - Private Basic Pistol class


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