Private Shotgun Range Training - (Basic Shotgun)


This course is taught one-on-one at the range.  That will insure that the student is comfortable, confident and safe when shooting a shotgun. This is a hands-on shooting class that is taught on the range. 

The student will learn range rules and safety, and shooting techniques.  If desired we can assist you with the selection of your own personal firearms.


Course instruction includes:

Gun Safety

Types of shotguns

Proper shooting stance

How to mount the shotgun

How to handle malfunctions

Live shooting

Advanced shooting techniques

Gun cleaning and maintenance


Course Length:  2 – 2 ½ Hours

We provide eye and ear protection as well as all firearms.  You may bring your own gun(s) and learn all about them in this class.  


$110.00  (minimum class size 2) - Range fee and ammo is included 

$140.00 - Private Basic Shotgun classes - Range fee and ammo is included 


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